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About Furlcraft In-boom Furling Systems

The team at Furlcraft has a history that goes back three decades. With over thirty years’ experience in rig manufacture and rigging, Furlcraft is the industry’s designer and manufacturer of in-boom furling systems.

Furlcraft both designs and manufactures custom and production aluminium and carbon in-boom furling systems.

The team at Furlcraft have extensive experience in rig and boom manufacturing – many of the key team members have been working together for over twenty years and are experienced sailors, having crossed many oceans and covered many nautical Miles. With extensive experience as sailors and in rigging, the team have a wealth of invaluable practical experience and expertise to provide.

Furlcraft is conveniently located to be close to both the boat builders and the port and yacht marinas. Our factory houses state-of-the-art fabrication, rigging, fit-out, machine shop and the painting department. We ship our booms globally.

The Advantages of Furlcraft In-boom Furling Systems

  • The carbon fibre shell and mandrel construction is strong and lightweight.
  • The drive system is designed for reliability and minimal servicing.
  • The compact drive system eliminates the need for holes through the mast in the gooseneck area.
  • The mandrel locking pawl suits multiple reefing positions.
  • The tapered mandrel offers additional stiffness and ensures an even sail roll.
  • Our booms have a spring vang to aid in setting the correct boom angle for furling.
  • The open front increases sail roll tolerances.
  • A solid mast ramp improves section inertia and provides a more stable rig platform to support added boom and vang loads.
  • The mainsail track and boom design allow full length battens which provide better mainsail shape and increase the lifespan of the sail.
  • The boom design is tailored to suit the specific vessel.
  • We offer single line and continuous line furling.
  • The Aluminium boom caters for P measurements up to 16 mm
  • The Carbon boom shell caters for P measurements is up to 21 mm
Furlcraft_Furling_Boom_Knysna_550 (8)
Furlcraft_Furling_Boom_Knysna_550 (4)
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